Remaining Estimate and Sub-tasks!


While I was reviewing my remaining estimates, I noticed that when the time spent is set on the same issue (Task), then the remaining estimate is calculated with Original estimate: Original - Time Spent = Remaining.
But that operation does not seem to happen when the time spent is on sub-taks. Why doesn’t remaining estimate automatically deducts the time spent from sub-tasks?
Is there anyway I can fix this by config in eazyBi or with a custom measure please?

See only the time spent at Task level operates with Remaining Estimate :frowning:

I noticed with Sum Up for jira that it’s also happening in Jira!

Hi @MikeS

Thanks for posting your question!
If you only log time on Sub-Tasks, you might want to define a new calculated measure with the formula below to calculate the Remaining estimate at the Epic level.

[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Level.Name <> "Sub-task"
[Measures].[Original estimated hours]
[Measures].[Hours spent]

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