Remove deactivated Assignees


How to remove deactivated Assignees from the report?

We use EasyBi Cloud / JIRA cloud

Hi @Izzy

To get the information about Active/Deactivated users from your Jira Cloud, you can add an additional REST API source in eazyBI.

For this case, you can use the “Get all users” endpoint:

When setting up the REST API source, use this custom Javascript code in your Content parameters section:

var isActive = "";
if (doc.accountType == "atlassian") {
  if ( {
    isActive = "Active";
  } else {
    isActive = "Deactivated";
  return {
    userKey: doc.accountId,
    active: isActive
} else {
  return false;

Map the data as follows:

Both columns should be mapped to the Assignee dimension and User level, but for the “userKey” column, be sure to enable the “Key column” and “Skip missing” options, and for the “active” column, add a property name that will be used when adding a new custom hierarchy.

When this is done, start the import, wait for the import to finish, and head over to your reporting environment. Here, in the Assignee dimension, add a custom hierarchy:

This hierarchy can now be used to divide your Jira users into “Active” and “Deactivated” groups (group names are defined in the Javascript code that was used in the REST API import settings).

Now you can add the Assignee dimension to pages and use this hierarchy to filter only the active assignees.

Let me know if you need any assistance with this!
Best regards,
Nauris / eazyBI support