Remove reporting of inactive users in EasyBI

I would like to filter out users in my EasyBI reports that are inactive in Jira. Thus far I’m unable to figure out how to accomplish this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi mate,
Maybe try adding the following to the Assignee dimension and then add it to the page filter.

[Assignee].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES ‘.[X].

Hi @Keithschug,

@Amit_Shil has provided a good hint on a possible option.
Unfortunately, it seems that the community formatting has changed the code slightly.

       [Assignee].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES '.*[X].*')

​Martins from the eazyBI support has also provided another option that retrieves the user activity data from the Jira via SQL query.
​You might read that here Filter on active user - #7 by martins.vanags.

​Oskars /