Removed Cancel and Closed status from Open Issue Measure member

I noticed Open Issue included status such as cancel and closed , how can we modify the measure of create a new measure to exclude certain status in our calculation


The standard measure of Open issues is based on the issue resolution, not the statuses. If your workflow in Jira does not add the resolution when the transition to Closed or Cancelled status happens the issue will be counted as Open.

The alternative for counting the open issues by statuses, not the resolutions, is to create a chart similar to the cumulative flow diagram where you can select specific statuses on the timeline. Please, see the example in our documentation and demo site: Unresolved issues by statuses over time
You can remove the resolution dimension from the report and select a set of statuses which you wich to show as open.

Another way to go is to fix the workflow in Jira to add the resolution for all the statuses you would like to exclude from Open.

Janis, eazyBI support