Removing row common name grouping

Hi Team,

We have created a report from the external MySQL database and displaying it in a tabular format as shown in attachment, but in the report we can see that “Status”, “Priority” and “SLA Type” are being grouped and shown as a common name for some of the rows which we need to show individually for each and every row( for ex. Need to show in progress for all the rows 2,3,4,5,6 separately)

Could you please suggest if that can be done or not and the workaround if it can be done.

Also, we have ordered the breach time column using unique ID, but we would like to hide Unique ID in the reports. Please let us know if it can be achieved anyhow.


Ravinder Reddy.S

Hi Ravinder,

Thank you for contacting us with your request.

Unfortunately, that is the way eazyBI displays dimension data in the table view, and currently, there are no workarounds for this. I am sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you.
Regarding the question about the unique ID dimension - it depends on your data mapping. Please share a screenshot of your data mapping where the “Breach time” column is visible in the support conversation.

Please read more about data mapping on our documentation page -

We will be able to help you further once we have more information on your data mapping specifics.
Robert /

Hi Roberts,
Thanks for the response. And please find the screen shot of data mapping below

Also I am facing another issue with the pages. When I am selecting multiple options in a certain page in eazyBI it shows as if it is selected but in JIRA dashboard it is showing as it is not selected but the data being displayed is correct as per the selections in eazyBI as well as Jira dashboards. Below are the screen shots of the same.

On JIRA Dashboard:


attaching the other Picture as it is not allowing me to attach two pic’s in a single comment.

In eazyBI:


Could you also please let us know why this is happening? is it a bug in eazyBI?

Hi Ravinder,

The issue properties “Breach time” and “Due date” are mapped to the Unique ID dimension, removing the dimension from the report will cause the values of those properties to disappear. If you don’t want to display the Unique ID dimension in your reports, please try to map the issue properties to a dimension you will use in your reports, for example, the Summary dimension.

About the issue with the filtering in Jira gadgets - we have a bug for evaluation where a saved pages filter in the Jira gadget fails after changes have been made to the report in eazyBI. The only way to resolve that issue is to remove the gadget and add a new one. Please share the steps to recreate the problem with the Jira gadget on our support email

Roberts /

Hi Roberts,

When can we expect the bug to be fixed and is the eazyBI team planning to fix this bug in any near future version releases. And are there any feature changes for eazyBI to show the dimension data with out grouping them. We would like to request eazyBI to make this feature to show the dimension data separately available in the near future version release.

Ravinder Reddy.S

Hi Ravinder,

Sorry, eazyBI doesn’t provide estimates. Also, please share the steps to recreate the problem to confirm it is the same bug.

Kind regards,