Report based on assignee - for Story Points linked to story OR Subtask

Hi All
I need to create a eazyBI report where it should show :
1)Total stories and subtasks assigned to a user
2) Total story points assigned to the user (Both Story & Subtask)
3) Condition - Story points should be shown based on subtasks eg
if Roma has a Story assigned of 8 points
But has 3 subtasks under the story as
Subtask 1 - Assigned to Roma - 2 points
Subtask 2- Assigned to XYZ-2 points
Subtask 3 - Assigned to ABC - 2 Points
Total Story points assigned to Roma in eazyBI report will be 2 (of Subtask) + 2 (of remaining Story) = 4

Please advise on this.


Hi @romabakshi,
Welcome to the eazyBI community! :wave:

To get all stories and subtasks that are assigned to a user you can use measure Issues created and drill into Issue type dimension.

For your second question - about story points assigned to the user is a bit tricky because of the condition you shared. In that case, you need to create a calculated measure in the Measure dimension.

-- story points assigned for subtasks
([Measures].[Story Points created], 
[Issue Type].[Subtask issue types])
    Descendants([Issue.Sub-task].CurrentHierarchyMember, [Issue.Sub-task].[Parent]),
    -- filter issues that are assigned to the assignee in rows
    ([Measures].[Issues created],
    [Issue Type].[Standard issue types])>0
    -- get all SP from standard issue types
    ([Measures].[Story Points created], 
    [Issue Type].[Standard issue types]) 
    -- subtracts all SP from all subtasks ignoring who is assignee
    ([Measures].[Story Points created], 
    [Issue Type].[Subtask issue types], 

In this formula I am also using calculated members in Issue type for:
Standard issue types:

  [Issue Type].[Issue Type].Members,
  NOT [Issue Type].CurrentMember.GetBoolean('Subtask')

Subtask issue types:

  [Issue Type].[Issue Type].Members,
  [Issue Type].CurrentMember.GetBoolean('Subtask')

All together in the report, it would look like this (I created DA-191 based on your example about Roma, in my example, it is David Sand):

Gerda //