Report contains Stories from a Release and count of defects linked to each Story in a single view

Want to build a report contains Stories from particular release and no of defects linked to each story.

Here we are using link type blocks to link defects to particular story on Jira.

Report View:
Story No ------ No of Defects—Open–Close

Hi @Venkat

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First, you need to import linked bugs into eazyBI.
Please read the documentation on that here:
You would find an example of how to define the settings to import linked bugs, too.

After links are imported, create a report:

  1. In rows, select Issue dimension Issue level members (issues)
  2. In pages, add Issue type dimension in Pages and select Stories, as well as Fix version dimension s
  3. In columns, select the newly imported property Issue Bugs (form Measures --> Issue properties; the proper name depends on how you’ve named the link field in the settings).
    Stories with linked bugs would have the bug keys listed in this column.
    You may want to set a column filter to filter out only stories with empty cells in this column (i.e. without linked bugs). Set a column filter with an expression not matches .

After that, you may remove the column “Issues Bugs”, filter conditions will remain.

  1. Add any other measures in columns you need.

The final report would look like the following: