Report for issue spent time in status for multiple projects

Hi i am new to eazy BI . I want to create report for 4 projects. like below table. can you please help me out. I have imported four projects to eazy BI. Also in one project i need to filter issues based on scrum team.

|Task Id|Description|Reporter|Created Date|Due Date|Assignee|Status|Days on same status|

Here is a sample report in our demo account to show the list of issues.

The report example, includes most of data you asked for. Add Issue assignee to the report from Issue properties section.

We suggest using dimension selections on Pages to filter what issues you would like to see in this report. Please make sure it will give you a reasonable amount of issues. Add dimension Scrum Team to Pages and use it for issue filtering. The report already includes Project dimension you can use for filtering.

Issue properties works the best for any report with a list of issues. If you are importing any custom field, make sure select an option import as property as well. You will be able to use this in those issue reports. The report with Issue properties will work quite fast and it will be easier to read as well.

Avoid using dimensions on Rows when you are using Issue dimension on Rows already. Check if you have issue property representing the same dimension value.

If you would like to see overview on time spent per project, team, per status, you can check out this overview report for time per status as well.

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Thanks for the reply. Everything is good and i need one different requirement. I want all the issues spent time in different statuses. Ex: DDA-203 current status is 'Done". I want how much time DDA-203 spent in backlog, to do, in progress etc.
I used days in transition status measure but its not showing correct time.

Can you please help me out.

Hi @shanmuka @daina.tupule can you please help me here to find the same thing. I just want to find out the time spent in each status by an issue.
Suppose ex. AAA-101 current status is “Done”. But how many days it spent in “To Do”, “In Progress”, “In Review”, “In QA” like this.
It might be gone in same status again and again 2-3 times.


Here are two report examples in our demo account to check how long an issue was in the cycle:
Average time in status (cycle time) - with the version 6.0 we added it to the sample reports by default:

The example report in our demo account Control chart will give you total time spent in a set of statuses for resolved issues. You can check out the measures Rolling average cycle time (any status from status category In progress) and Rolling average cycle time alternative (a specified list of statuses).

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