Report for Status by Time

I am trying to generate the issue status report by time, my goal is to see the count of issues on that particular day by status. For example:

I have tried the below report in EazyBi but its showing the same number for the whole month.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


It looks like what you are doing it’s correct. I would try re-importing the data again.

I have the same table and it works for me:

The only difference is that I have the rows and columns set differently.


Hi @vamakam,

To analyse how many issues were in certain status at the end of each period you should use data from issue change history. In the report use measure Issues history together with dimension Transition Status and Time to represent issue status at the end of the selected date.

You may check out report example “History of unresolved issue statuses” in eazyBI Demo account:

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