Report of all projects showing project name, project lead and key but no issues or requests

looking for a master list that I can put on an EazyBI dashboard for mgmt to view
showing: Project Name, Project Lead and Key from the project detail fields

Hi @Wanitschek,

You can use the “Project lead” property from Measures “Other properties” section to display the project lead with the Project dimension in rows. To see the key, you can define a new calculated measure with the formula below:


You can also use the AllProperties function to see all the properties available for a dimension member. For the Project dimension, the formula could look similar to the one below:


The report then could look similar to the one below:

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How can we get the project leader at the issue row level?


Hi @Gozde

You can retrieve an issues Project key and, from there, retrieve the Project dimension member from which to get the lead. Please see the example below:

  [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('Project key')
).Get('Project lead')

Please see more details about the GetMemberByKey() function here - GetMemberByKey.

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