Report of averages / maximums and minimums in response and resolution times shown in hours,

Hey guys,
I’m new to using the tool so I’m looking for a way to get a table of my projects with the following data

Response and resolution times for each agent, I have tried using the help documentation of the site but I have not been able to find this information, I turn to you and your experience for a guide.

For this query, what criteria should I consider in order to obtain this information in an accurate way.

I appreciate your help


If you are using the Jira Service Management, please, check the standard measures of the eazyBI data model supporting the SLAs. There are SLA Elapsed hours measures for that: Jira Service Management custom fields.

If you do not use the SLA, resolution and response time measures can be implemented with custom formulas. Please, check the list of available date manipulation functions in the documentation: MDX function reference.

Please, apply for support if you need more detailed guidance on your use case.

Janis, eazyBI support