Report on data from multiple data source applications

Hi, good afternoon, I’m new to EazyBI reporting.
My question is:
Is it possible to make a report from data obtained from two applications?
In this case, I generated a cube with data obtained through a Rest: Api from JiraDesk, and another cube with JiraSoftware data obtained with the source application “JIRA”.
I need to generate a single report with the data from both cubes.

Thanks a lot.

eazyBI by default allows importing data from one Jira site where eazyBI is used as an app there.

You would like to have all the needed data into one cube to create a report with all imported data. eazyBI allows creating several cubes within one account. However, you can create one single report from data in several cubes. You create reports within a cube. You can put reports from any cube into one common dashboard, though.

You can use REST API to build a custom cube by importing and mapping any data, including accessing data from several Jira instances. We suggest importing only the basic needed data from Jiras. Jira data is quite complex and you might not want to spend a lot of time developing needed mapping.
Do not use Jira dimensions for the custom data mapping, though. Use unique dimensions names there.

You can consider using additional data import into Jira issue cube. However, there are limitations, you can import only some properties and measures mapped to already existing Jira data. We do not allow creating additional members, like issues, assignees, etc. with additional data import.

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Hi Daina,

Can I confirm in the first paragraph you meant to say “However, you CANNOT create one single report from data in several cubes”?


Yes, you are correct. eazyBI does not allow creating one report from data in several cubes.
Youn can create reports using the imported data in the cube only. You can put reports from several cubes into one dashboard, though.

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