Report on users relevant to projects for migration

We are performing a large migration of Jira and we would like to create a report to show the users relevant to the projects we are migrating (not just assignees and reporters). We have a data source connection to Jira’s Oracle database, so we can get data directly from there if needed. Can anyone advise as to how to create a report on this?

Hi James,

I am sorry to see this request has not had any answer for this long time! I know you were also in contact with my colleague Janis directly.

As he wrote, unfortunately, eazyBI for now does not support the import of the project roles though this feature is in our backlog.
Additional data import to Jira Issues cube would also not give the proper solution since eazyBI has no way of knowing if the users and groups from the project roles settings are imported into eazyBI. For now eazyBI imports only users and groups related to the specific actions in Jira (Assignees, Reporters, Time reporters) and additional data import cannot create any new dimension or new members in the current dimensions.

The only possible solution would be importing some necessary information in a new cube which is not related to Jira issues cube.

Lauma /