Report Showing the transition date and time for al the transitions


I have created report to show the no. days a ticket has spent in certain transition by importing the issue change history.
Now i have been looking to create a report where it shows the date and time under each column of the transition, I could get the issue count but was not able to get the date and time when the transition was executed.

Any help or suggestions on how to get this done.
Thankyou in Anticipation.

Ravinder Reddy.S

Hi @RavinderReddy

I am sharing the solution I provided to you privately through our support channel with the community:

There are two options to achieve this. You can use the measure “Transition to status last date”. It will display the last date the transition to the specific status was performed. Please have a look at the picture below:

The other option would be keeping the “Transition to status issue count” measure and adding the Time dimension to the report. The count of issues will be displayed according to the date the transition happened:

Please visit our documentation page for more information about the historical measures and how the Time dimension works with measures.

Roberts // eazyBI support