Report to show the measure month wise

I want to create a report where I have two Measures “Vendor Expiry date” and “Previous Cost”.
I have created the normal report where i can have the above requirement.

But i want the report to be in such a way that, the “previous cost” should be populated month wise depending on the date that’s mentioned in “Vendor expiry date” field. And the total cost for each month at the bottom of the report.

For example,
If a issue has the “Vendor expiry date” as value 3 March 2019, then the Previous cost of that particular issue needs to be displayed under the month march.

Any help here would be highly appreciated.
Thank you in anticipation.

Thanks and Regards
Ravinder Reddy.S

Hi @RavinderReddy.S,

You can import the Previous cost and Vendor Expiry date as Measures. In this way, eazyBI will create a measure for the custom date.

After the import, you can use the Time dimension on rows and Measure Previous Cost with Vendor Expiry date to group the totals of the number by the date.

Lauma /