Reporting Issues by Assignees + Total

Trying to create a report similar to the below image:

Right now I’ve created an EazyBi “By Assignee” report by defining a specific list of employees within Pages and having Issues within the Rows. I’ve selected designated columns based on custom fields included. However, it would be more ideal to have these tables separated by assignees as shown in the above image.

Will I have to recreate the same report for each assignee within the team to have each table dedicated to each assignee? I’m struggling to make this more intuitive and lessen the manual work of copying and adjusting the report’s assignee, and using those copied reports in a dashboard. We’ll always have to account so scalability and not depend on the list of users and instead populate the tables with issues that fit the selections within Pages.

Hi @hapale-cisco,

You are almost there! I recommend moving the Assignee dimension from pages to the report rows as the first dimension to group the report by assignees. If you frequently need to filter the assignees you wish to display, you can consider selecting it simultaneously in the report pages. See the eazyBI documentation page on how to accomplish that - Create reports.

After that, the Issue dimension will be second in the rows, and issues will be grouped by their assignee. You can select the “All” or “Project” levels in the Issue dimension to view totals and expand it to view individual issues. See an example of the suggested report structure below:

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