Reporting on scope changes by changes to the FixVersion

I just started reading the EazyBI documentation today, so this is a very newbie question.

We’d like to use changes to the FixVersion field to report on changes to scope, either added or taken away. I’ve read that this field can be a reporting problem because it can have more than one value, but we don’t use it that way. So assuming that our FixVersion field in Jira always has only 1 value, can EazyBI report on which issues changed to a particular FixVersion value, and which changed from that value to something else, in a specific timeframe? And we’d want to add up the estimated points to measure the size of the scope change.

I don’t actually need to know how to do it right now; I just need to know if it can be done. Thanks!

Hi @florente!

Thank you for your interest in eazyBI!
Unfortunately, even if the Fix Version contains single value, it is treated as multi-value field in eazyBI and technical limitations do not allow tracking history for such fields.

eazyBI developers have thought about this limitation of the tool and we will update this request when/if this becomes possible.

Lauma /

Thanks for letting me know, Lauma. I see a lot of other people are interested in reporting on changes to the scope of work, so we’ll investigate those other possibilities.

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@lauma.cirule , Came across this issue which is the exact requirement that we have. Has there been any update on the request ? Is there an alternate way to achieve this ?

Hi @rajeshbabu.suraparaj,

Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, no update for multi-value field history for now.
I have added your vote to the feature and will ensure this request is updated once there is news.

Lauma /

@lauma.cirule , Thanks for the update. Hoping to see this coming sometime soon.