Resolution of linked Issue in advanced settings

I’d like to perform some reports based on the linkage of tickets.

I managed to to import the linked issue key and draw properties this way, however using the Issue dimesion created to much overhead so I ran into constant troubled with memory errors.

Is it possible to work with the resolution of linked issue already in the advanced settings so I can perfrom some calculations already on import and do not have to run them ad-hoc?


Hi @Erik,

For linked issues, you may import standard Jira fields like Fix Version, Label, Status, Resolution, Issue Type, Priority, or a single select custom fields as linked field dimension. Note this solution works for linked issues with one-to-one or one-to-many relationship; in other words, issues could be organized in a hierarchy.

Check out documentation and example on how to import linked field dimensions.

Zane /

If tried something similar in the past but never got it to work and never received a 2nd reply: