Resolved values under certain conditions (Using Case when then)


I wrote it as below, but the value is not available.
It make in Measure.
Columns : Measure
Rows : Time

I’d like to know the Resolved value of the conditions below.


[User_Define_Dimension].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES ‘AA’ OR
[User_Define_Dimension].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES ‘BB’
[Measures].[Issues resolved]

Hi @bbyoo,

The calculated member looks for the selected member of “User_defined_dimension” and retrieves its name - if it matches, then returns the Issue resolved value accordingly.
In your report, the “User_defined_dimension” is not used at all, therefore, the measure always returns the default member of this dimensions (with the name “All User_defined_dimensions”) which does not match the conditions. In the result, you always get an empty value

You may do the following changes:

  1. In “User_defined_dimension” create a calculated member that aggregates all members with names matching AA and BB, similarly to this member (I named the calculated member “AA and BB”)

      [User_Define_Dimension].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES "AA|BB"
  2. Then, in measures, create a new measure, that retrieves resolved issues from issues with AA or BB values in User_Define custom field. Use a tuple construction for calculation: read more here
    The formula would be like the following:

    ([Measures].[Issues resolved],
     [User_Define_Dimension].[AA and BB])

Use the measure instead of yours.


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Thank you ilze.leite :slight_smile:
Have a great day!