Restrictions on Custom fields to the users in EazyBI report

Hello Everyone,

May I know how to restrict the edit access to the users for some custom fields(Which are imported from JIRA) in EazyBI report?
Please suggest any ideas/ Procedure how to do that/


Hi @venu1372

Welcome to the eazyBI community!

eazyBI users can see information only from those custom fields that are selected for data import into this particular account: Data from Jira.

If there are custom fields that must be limited, we recommend creating two separate accounts:

  • In one account, you would import only custom fields that a wider range of users might access and grant their user access to this account as Reports Admins, Users or Viewers (i.e., roles without a possibility to changed import options and run data imports). As a result, those users won’t have information from limited custom fields (as that won’t be imported in this account), as well as they won’t be able to add those custom fields to data import.
  • In another account, import all needed custom fields and grant user access to this account only to eligible users.

This is the safest way to limit user access to custom field information.

Another option is data access roles that are suitable to hide specific dimensions; however, if the custom field is numeric or date (i.e., imported as a measure), data access roles won’t work in that case.