Return summary field of linked issues

I would like to see the summary of linked issues.

I’ve attempted to do this use the New Calculated field option in Source Data, however it just returns the summary field of the issue rather than the linked issue.


The issue link import configuration cannot be done with the New Calculated field; the configuration must be defined in the advanced settings:

The issue link dimension will have the issue summary as well:

Janis, eazyBI

Thanks, to be clear. Are you saying this can’t be done using the “Calculated Custom fields” via the “Jira import options” in the “Source Data” ?

As I don’t have Jira admin access, I used the “Calculated Custom Field” option, otherwise I need to request someone else makes the change for me, which makes it very hard to make sure I have the correct code.

I would like to show the Summary field of “caused by” linked “Impediment” type issues, where an issue has been flagged. So that I can review flagged time of tickets categorised by Impediment issues.

Attached is the latest code I have tried in the “Calculated Custom Field”, where I have added “update_from_issue_key” although parent doesn’t make sense to me as it’s not a parent / child relationship. I suspect I might have to do something with Issue link field dimensions but i’m struggling to understand this guide.

In this instance it however returns the main issue summary rather than the “caused by” summary.

If this needs adding via the Advanced Settings, then I need to make sure the code is correct first.