Rollup story points for to Project Dimenstion


We’re trying to generate a report to show the count of issues that got updated in last 30days
in particular status and sum of story points for those issues as well.

When I try to add the “Issue Story Points” measure its not showing the measure on the report.

When I try to add the “Story Points Created” measure its considering only all the story points.

Can you please let me know, how can we rollup the storypoints for the issue that are updated with in last 30days for each project?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @avinashk

Thanks for your question!

​I recommend trying the below formula and checking if it returns the expected results. Make sure to select the correct formatting (numeric) when saving the formula (

    DateBetween([Measures].[Last Updated Date],
    "30 days ago",
  [Measures].[Story Points created]

Best wishes,
Elita from