Row Header Formatting


I’d like to put in a feature request to allow the formatting of rows. In the example screenshot taken from an EazyBI demo account, I’d like to put in a filter that says “highlight any row header with ‘Jan’ in it” so that I can easily visually distinguish the row header in the report.

That would highlight Jan 2019 and Jan 2020 in the row headers below.

Is this currently on the roadmap for release at some point?

As an addendum to this, I’d also like it if in addition to “row header” formatting we could have a “row” formatting option as well.

So theoretically I could highlight an entire row if the number 42 were found in one of the row cells. That would highlight the entire row of “Jun 2019” and “Jul 2019” while the row headers “Jan 2019” and “Jan 2020” would be highlighted, if stacked on top of the request in the first post.


Hi @malikgp,
Thank for your idea, we have a similar improvement in our backlog about row header formatting and I will add also your vote to it.

About added addendum, there is cell formatting option that you can use for either for one row member (in example - purple colour) or measure in columns (in example - blue colour):

Gerda //

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Hi @gerda.grantina, thank you for the reply!

Is there any ETA regarding the row header formatting feature? Thanks for adding my vote.

Also, the cell formatting option does work but I’d like someway to make that a global row formatting option instead. For example, if I were searching for the number “14”, I would want the entire “Oct 2019” row in the photo you shared to be purple.

I don’t want to highlight just that single cell.

Does that make sense?

Malik Graves-Pryor

Hi @malikgp,
if you are using Cloud then this is already available there -
There is an option “Apply to all row cells”.

If you are using Server then you need to wait just a little bit till the version 6.2 is released. Watch eazyBI versions at Atlassian Marketplace to get an updated as soon as the version is released.


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