Save Page/Filter Values in JIRA Dashboard

I have created an EazyBI Dashboard that it being shared across multiple JIRA Dashboards. The report has Page Filters associated that a user can filter down to for example a manager.

If you add the report as a gadget to a JIRA dashboard you can select a value and save the gadget to always user that value. However with the EazyBI Dashboard you can not save the filter value


In the eazyBI dashboard, you may set page filters as common filters for all reports in the dashboard.
And then you may save the default filter value for the dashboard (see GIF below).

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@zane.baranovska i found this helpful and have a follow up. I have a report similar to what you show in the gif but it has 30+ teams. multiple people will all be accessing this report and find it ‘painful’ to have to select their team and date every time they load. is there a way for the users to save a view of the report or to default the selection in page so that when person a access, it always loads on team alfa and when person b loads the report it defaults to team beta? i dont want to have to build 30 reports just to avoid them having to select a team.


Hi @kleinj3,

There is no need to build duplicating reports or dashboards.
When user adds eazyBI dashboard to Jira dashboard, he/she can save filter value for that Jira dashboard (see picture below)

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this is great @zane.baranovska but i dont see this option. looks like you are in cloud? does that matter?


@kleinj3, option to save selected value for the filter is available for Jira dashboard owner and users who are allowed to edit particular dashboard.

Save icon appears only when you have selected some other value in the filter (see gif below).

I dont have that option as im not the owner. I tried one that i am the owner of and i still dont see the save icon. i dont want anyone to be able to change the dashboard as there are hundreds of people accessing this. there’s no workaround besides building out seperate reports?

@zane.baranovska just following up on this as i’d really like to get this working

Hi @kleinj3,

You do not see the option save because Team filter is set only for the report, not for whole eazyBI dashboard which is published with a gadget. To make it work:

  1. Go to eazyBI dashboard “Time Trackin Squad Reports” and set Team as common page filter for the whole dashboard (check out the answer with GIF how to do it on Apr '18 ).
    More information on eazyBI dashboards and common page filters are in the documentation:

  2. When it is done, Jira dashboard owner will be able to save selected value for common page filter in the eazyBI gadget in Jira dashboard.

I do not recommend creating duplicating reports in eazyBI as it is hard to maintain. Instead, you might want to create multiple dashboards for publishing where users are going to use those reports. For example, create multiple Jira dashboards, one for each team. Then each team can maintain their own Jira dashboard and save the initial selection for eazyBI reports, like, Team and Project, and even add more gadgets with essential information.

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thank you. this is so helpful

Registered only to say thank you! This saved my day! Cheers


I created an EazyBI Dashboard with several dashboards page filters (fixVersion, custom field single selection and custom field multiple selection).
All the filters work fine but the custom field multiple selection. If I change the value in the JIRA dashboard (where the EazyBI dashboard is imbedded) and even Save the change, when I refresh the page the value goes back to the original value saved. Any clues how can I fix this?


In the Jira dashboard, a user can select filter values and save them for that particular report representation in the Jira dashboard. This selection will override the default values that are selected in eazyBI for the particular report. Please make sure to “Save” the selection (see picture below).

If this does not work for you, please, contact eazyBI Support and provide more details on the use case: which eazyBI version you have and the screenshots to illustrate how the report looks in eazyBI and how it looks in Jira.

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Hi! I’m dealing with a situation that sounds a lot like yours (although I believe none of the proposed alternatives meets my need).

I’ve got an EazyBI dashboard that hosts multiple reports, all governed by shared filters. To make it easily accessible to the team, I’ve embedded this EazyBI dashboard into a Jira dashboard.

We usually juggle multiple projects simultaneously, so I’ve found that one dashboard suffices for everyone. The primary distinguishing factor among the projects is the selection of filters, which are common to all the reports.

One issue we’ve encountered is that the filter settings aren’t saved locally on a per-user or per-session basis. Suppose someone in team Alpha sets the filters to view their specific project. If someone in team Beta needs to look at their own project later, they’ll have to readjust the filters each time, which is a bit cumbersome.

Is there any development in the works to allow filter settings to be stored at the user or browser session level? This feature would solve our problem.