Scripted Field Value not getting updated

There is a Scripted Field from ScriptRunner Addon, when importing the field in eazyBi, the updated value does not come for it
Even when re-importing the value does not updates.

Yes, I have configured the custom field in Advanced Settings.

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We had a similar problem, when the scripted field was at one level (Story), but was calculated based on another level (Epic). In this case, Jira does not re-index the story and eazyBI does not know about the change. The fix was to update the eazyBI advanced settings to add the line:

check_calculated_value = true

Give that a try and see if it gets you the updated values.

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Hi Ajain,

That answer from grandeau is fully correct.
I wouldn’t have explained it better.

Just when you add this additional line in eazyBI advanced settings, you would need an import without custom field once - to drop it temporarily from the database. Then you could select it back (with new updated advanced settings) and it should work as expected.

Best regards,
Martins / eazyBI team

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