Selecting any Individual (calculated) Member does not affect the graphs

We have EazyBi currently installed as a trial version for analyzing data imported from JIRA. I spent a fair amount of hours reading documentation, trying out examples, etc but cannot get the following to work:

Problem: When I select any individual calculated member in Rows, nothing seems to happen. Not in my local instance nor in the online EazyBI demo account

Example: I imported data from JIRA, opened a sample Agile report, and decided I want to limit the amount of Sprint in the chart. Sprint dimension is in Rows, I create a new calculated member in Sprint and apply the code for limiting the amount of sprints shown [Filter your eazyBI for last 5 closed sprints]. After creation, I click the calculated member to enable the ‘filter’ and nothing happens.

I have this problem on both my local instance and the online Demo account which makes me believe I am doing something structurally wrong. I have tried so many things now that I am losing hope. Can anyone give me some pointers on where to start looking? Is it wrong to assume the calculated member can be turned on/off as you would expect with a filter?


Welcome to the eazyBI community.

eazyBI requires one dimension in rows and one in columns (usually measures) to show you some results in a report. You might start checking if you see results when you select "All " default member from the dimension in rows.

The code you used for last 5 sprints is actually a calculated measure (and should be created in Measures" dimension).

Then you would select “Sprint” dimension members (at sprint level) and enable this new calculated measure in columns.

I would guess that the misunderstanding is between a calculated member and calculated measure - when to create what.

In eazyBI technically both are calculated members but we call them as measures if you create in “Measures” dimension.

Martins / eazyBI team

Hi Martins,

Thanks a lot for replying! One step further regarding using the right terminology but I did not get it to work unfortunately. I am convinced EazyBI is a very powerful tool and know exactly what I want to use it for, but am starting to doubt whether I can the potential out if it. I feel that what I am trying to do should be fairly easy or I may simply not be smart enough :confused:

As I understand it, there are 3 axes in which one or more dimensions can be put, simply said:

Pages: adding dimensions here will add the dropdown filters that allow for easily restricting the data shown in the graph.

Columns: adding dimensions here allows the selection of data shown in the graphs/tables. In case of a bar chart, for every additional measure/dimension, another bar will be added

Rows: adding dimensions here determines the range for the x-axis, in case of a vertical bar chart

So when reading your reply, and adding the calculated measure to the measures dimension, I got the result that I was expecting based on my assumption above -> another bar was added to the graph, for the last 5 sprints only (so something is working :smile:) but all sprints are still there and the graph is pretty much unchanged from before I enabled the calculated measure (last 5 sprints). You mention in the instructions “filter the report for the last 5 closed sprints if you have other dimensions in pages which makes the report context” makes me think that this report context is probably missing in my case.

As the Rows axis determines the members (e.g. Sprints) that are shown on the X-axis, I would assume I have to restrict the amount of sprints shown in the Sprint (Rows) dimensions by creating new calculated members there. From the EazyBI demo account, I also tried copying ‘Sprints closed between two dates’ calculated member without success, it does affect the graph regardless of the dates I define in the code. Why is this a calculated member on your demo account and not a calculated measure? Seems like it is trying to do a similar thing.

I also tried to click ‘Pages’ in the Sprint (rows) dimension to have Sprint also in the pages dimension, but no success there except for being able to select 1 single sprint through the filter dropdown…

My Goal: When I open the ‘Sample Sprint velocity chart’ report and have my data in there. I want to show only the data for the last 5 sprints, not create another bar or change the graph in any other way.

Bonus question: When I enable and disable some calculated members, the graph just disappears and doesn’t come back after disabling the calculated member. Am I the cause of this or is it something the system doesn’t always handle that well? In my mind, a calculated member is equal to a filter, if I turn a filter on and then off again, expect to come back to the start position.


“Calculated members” in other dimensions (but Measures) are independent and would not be affected by other dimension selection (in your example “Project” dimension which you use pages). If you would create a calculated member in “Sprint” dimension and use it, that would ignore the selected “Project” value and you would be surprised that you don’t see last 5 sprints anymore (but less - due to project selection).

That is why in the case for “last 5 sprints” the approach would be via new calculated measure that is used to filter the report rows (and then it can be removed)
Next, you should use the “sprint” level from “Sprint” dimension to make this report look like you expect.
The calculated measure which you used for filtering, would force report to show only 5 sprints from that dimension according to selected “project” dimension value (it will use the whole context of the report now).

And your expectation on the calculated member behavior absolutely makes sense - but in such report requirement, it would work only if “Sprint” dimension would be the only dimension in the report (besides “Measures”).

See attached gif

Martins / eazyBI