Service Management % met, but exclude any issues with specific issue property

Hi all,

I’m looking to basically recreate the predefined Service Management SLA Measures. I need this measure to find all issues with an SLA, but exclude those where the Issue Property ‘Customer Reference’ = ‘Example’.

I’ve had a look around and haven’t found anyone else trying to do a similar thing.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Hi @torchsurfing,

​You might import the “Customer Reference” as a separate dimension and then use it to subtract or filter relevant issues.
​You might read about changing the field settings here - Custom field import options.

​The expression for “Time to resolution - MET” might then be as follows.

( [Measures].[Time to resolution Issues],
  [Time to resolution Breached].[Not breached])
​( [Measures].[Time to resolution Issues],
  [Time to resolution Breached].[Not breached],
​  [Customer Reference].[Example])

If the customer reference might contain multiple values and “Example” is just one of them, it might also be possible to create a distinct JavaScript calculated customfield dimension to distinguish the issues.
​Please read about defining new customfields here - New calculated fields.

​The actual code for a separate dimension depends on the actual data structure and the usage of the “Customer Reference” field in Jira.

The expression for “Time to resolution - met %” might be as follows.

--there are also non-example relevant issues
([Measures].[Time to resolution Issues] 
([Measures].[Time to resolution Issues],
 [Customer Reference].[Example]))> 0 
--SLA met without examples
  ([Measures].[Time to resolution - Met]
  ([Measures].[Time to resolution - Met],
   [Customer Reference].[Example])
--relevant issues without examples
  ([Measures].[Time to resolution Issues]
  ([Measures].[Time to resolution Issues],
   [Customer Reference].[Example])

​Oskars /