Sharing of Reports

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to share reports or dashboards to people who don’t own a license and to only give access to the reports to that specific organization/person. We know that we can make embedded html reports but that leaves the reports open to the public and we only wish to give access to specific organizations.
Also, are the public exports tied to the site or can we modify the domain that appears when we export thr reports

Hi @Alex.Fang963 ,
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As you already mentioned, there is an option to share reports or dashboards to people who don’t own a license by embedding iframe reports in specific pages, no other option is available. A workaround would be to manage accessibility on the page where you have embedded the reports. Note that users can access the report only with the URL that has the embed token and the URL with the token does not have to be visible when you share the report on the page.
Can you share more details on how you would expect to manage permissions to a specific organization/person if they are not Jira users?

About public exports tied to the - there isn’t an option to modify the domain.


Hi @Alex.Fang963 ,
I wanted to let you know that now on eazyBI for Jira Cloud , we have released an option to publish
eazyBI Dashboards in the Jira Service Management (JSM) portal.

You can read more about how to enable and configure it here: Publish in JSM Portal

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