Show a list of Assignees with a column for their latest due date

Hi Team,
I’ve been trying to figure out if this is even possible. For forecasting purposes, we would like an EasyBI report showing a list of our developers names with columns which display the “Due Date” on Jira tasks to which they are assigned, one for the furthest in the future, and another column which is oldest (min and max dates).

I know it’s easy to have a list of Jira tasks and sort them by date order, but that wouldn’t be helpful to determine who has bandwidth. We essentially want to filter all the tasks that each dev has assigned, and only show the date from the one with the max and min due dates. Can this be done? And if not for both max and min, could it be done for just one of them and have two separate lists, one for min and the other for max date?

Really appreciate your help!


A warm welcome to the eazyBI community.

I recommend iterating through the Time dimension “Day” level members that have due dates. Then use the Head() and Tail() functions to retrieve the min and max due dates. For example, see the formula for the earliest due date below:

    [Measures].[Issues due] > 0

The Head() function evaluates a set and returns the first n members from the set. Only the one earliest Time dimension member is required in the example above. The Tail() function works similarly but from the very end of the set. See more details about the functions used in the calculated measure on the eazyBI documentation page - MDX function reference.

The report then could look similar to the one below:

Please note that the measure “Issues due” represents unresolved issues.

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