Show at Page Level only Project with Active Sprints


Theres any way to Filter projects that have created sprints, and show them at Page Level ( Not in the Rows )?

I need to show at Page level, only the projects that have Created Sprints, Active Sprints , Closed Sprints.
I understand that Project and Sprints don’t have direct relation in the current model.

But can during the import create that type of relation ?
New Dimension for example.


Hi Joaquim,

You could create a calculated member in Project dimension to Aggregate(…) all Projects that have any Sprint association except ‘(no sprint)’. The formula would be as follows

      [Sprint].CurrentMember.Name <> '(no sprint)'),
  ), [Project].CurrentMember)

Lauma /

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Thats Perfect, exactly what i Required.

An aditional questions :slight_smile:

At Page Level It’s possible to have a second Calculated Member be filter by the current member of the First Calculated Member.

At Page Level : Project ( Caculated member ) and Sprint ( Caculated member )

When a select a Project on the First Calculated Member, the second one only shows Sprint Related with that project ?


Great to hear that the calculated member is working as expected!

For the additional question - no, for now eazyBI does not support value limitation in page filters based on selected values in other filters. Thank you for this idea, we will consider this for future development!

Lauma /

​Hi @joaquim.ferreira ,
I wanted to let you know that we have released eazyBI version 6.5 this summer. We included the feature to have the Nonempty option in the Pages in this version.

Please see a list of all changes: Changelog - eazyBI for Jira

Gerda //