Show dates an Issue transitions from one status to next

I saw a post about creating a tuple to have a report showing the status and when transitions take place with each status. How do I get the “(” in front of [Measure?

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To create a tuple, first, create a new calculated measure - ​Calculated measures. There, you can define the formula of the calculated measure as a tuple. See an example of a tuple to return the last date issues transitioned from “In progress” status:

([Measures].[Transition from status last date],
[Transition Status].[In Progress])

See an example below:

Another option is adding the Transition Status dimension to report pages - Create reports. You can use the measure “Transition to status last date” and select the desired status in the pages. That way, you don’t need to create calculated measures. See an example below:

I recommend watching the eazyBI training videos for an introduction to eazyBI and creating reports - Training videos.

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