Show sprints based on time Filter

I have a request to be able to display Sprint committed based on Time for the say a given month - but is I select Time I get a bunch of other sprints as well

the example I have is to select the month of August in Time and only show the sprints completed during that given month

Hi Brian!

​Thank you for the screenshot, it is helpful while finding out why your report works in such a way!
You have two filters in this report

  1. There is one on the top configuration that is applied to Sprint end date column (and it remains active even if the column is removed) and this forces to show all Sprints with the end date in the period between 1st of December 2018 and today.
  2. Time filter applies to the measures showing only added, removed story points and other Measures during the selected period - August 2019.

Please change the filter applied to the Sprint end date column - this should give you what you need. And probably you do not need the Time filter in this report at all.
Let me know if I missed something and you have some further questions!

Lauma /