Showing the list of fix version by name and by project



I have a dashboard by project.
For each dashboard, I have 3 filters on the page : Project, Issue type and Fix version

All dashboard used the same charts. The diffrence is based on my page filters

If i select the filter all fix version, on my dashboard, i can see 3 subcategory filters : archived, released and unreleased

If i select the filter all fix version grouped by name, I see what I want : the fix version name but for all project.

So how can I see the fix version grouped by name but only for my project selected on my dashboard filter common page ?

Thanks for your help


Hello @apilette,

For now eazyBI does not support value limitation in page filters based on selected values in other filters, for example, selected project in Project dimension does not limit the drop-down list of versions available in Fix Version dimension.

We are looking for an appropriate solution to make this dependency between filter values, but I can not give any estimates on this. We will post an update there when anything changes regarding this.

Zane /