Simple Report with Custom Fields


I have a noob question.

My custom issue type (Apple) has 2 custom fields -> to record number of apples eaten on a day:

  • Apples (numeric)
  • Date of apples (date field)

Both fields are imported into Measures as measure/property.

How can I build a report to have “Date of apples” on X axis and “Apples” on Y axis?


eazyBI allows importing any numeric and date custom field as meaures. Each custom field will have a set of measures in Measure section Predefined subsection Custom fields.

For a numeric custom field Apples there should be a set starting with the name Apples, for example, Apples created, Apples resovled, etc.
For a date custom field Date of apples there should be a set ending with with date of apples, for example, Issues with date of apples
You can use a measure represented by a combination of both of them: Apples with date of apples

Daina /

Thank you Daina,

Both fields (“Apples” and “Date of apples”) are available in Measures.

The question here is, how can I create a graph with “Date of apples” on X axis and “Apples” on Y axis, when both fields belongs to the same dimension (Measures)? How to configure a table which will be used to build a graph?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Hi Daina,

I have the following data imported into EazyBI, including custom date field “Date Endorsed” and custom numeric field “Points”. :

Would you please advise if it is possible (and how) to create a report like below in EazyBI:


Thank you in advance for your help,

I was able to get it done by creating a calculated measure and standard Time dimension as a row.