Sliding time report

Is there a way to set a report with a custom time sliding abscissa centerzd on the current month with a +/- 6months (each point corresponding to 1 month).
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Hi @clement_dd_64,

I recommend using the DateMembersBetween() function with the desired Time dimension level for a sliding date range. In your example, to view six months before and past the current month. Use the formula below in a new Time dimension calculated member:

  [Time].[Month].DateMembersBetween('7 months ago','in 6 months')

The DateMembersBetween() function accepts exact dates and relative dates. In this case, the formula uses relative dates, and the returned “Month” level members will change dynamically as time progresses. Please see the eazyBI documentation page for more details about the described function - DateMembersBetween and how to define calculated members in dimensions - Calculated members in other dimensions.

The report could look similar to the one below:

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Thanks a lot !
All works now

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