Some Sub-Tasks not shown in Report


I have a chart which burns down on sub tasks. Within the last sprint, only 4 sub-tasks were shown in the graph, with a total story points of 17 - which is not correct.
The Issue Count says there are 22 Sub Tasks commited to the Sprint, which is neither correct.
In Jira, i commited 63 Sub Tasks to the Sprint, where 22 of them have Story Points > 0.

Any suggestion what might be the problem? Ive already compared some of the displayed and non-displayed sub-tasks but im not able to find any significant differences within the ticket.

I figured out that it might be possible that some issues were added to the sprint after sprint already ended. Is there any way to see changes made after sprint ended or see on which date an issue have been assigned to a sprint?



It would help if you posed your MDX or calculations and maybe a screenshot of your report setup.

Gvido Neilands,,
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Hi Gvido,

some Subtasks were “deleted” from the report after sprint was already closed.
Please refer to the images below.

This screen was taken one day after end of sprint. Everything was fine.

Next week, the following sprint were opened and non-resolved tickets were shiftet to sprint 8, but not deleted from sprint 7. Still, as you can see the graphs differ, some tickets are not shown anymore.

Do you have any solution on this? Might be a Jira Bug?


It is very likely that you faced the limits of Jira in your report requirement.

The main problem is the lack of Sprint change history for issue sub-tasks in JIRA, as information from issue change log is used to calculate total Sprint scope.

Sub-task updated date is not changed when its parent issue Sprint information is changed;
also, sub-task sprint change history is not saved in its change-log.

We have opened the issue in Atlassian support, but it was closed as duplicated. Original issue by Structure is not resolved yet.

At the moment, only rough workarounds are possible, but they could be very slow and complicated (it requires many iterations in MDX).

Martins / eazyBI support