Sort each component in chronological order


We have a project and It had 10 different components. Is it possible to sort each component in chronological order In eazy bi report?.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @manikanta_ch

The Component in Jira is a multi-value field - one issue can have more than 1 component.

And eazyBI won’t import changes for multi-value fields, therefore, it won’t be possible to find which was the first component (timewise) for the issues in the project to show them in chronological order. eazyBI doesn’t find the date of change for compnent to know which was the first component.
Components are sorted alphabetically for each project when you select the “Project” dimension (see image attached)

One workaround perhaps would be creating a calculated measure that has the expected sequence of components hardcoded and then you could sort the report by this measure in the correct order.
But that would be a manual approach to hardcode this sequence for each project.

Martins / eazyBI team