Specific time range for report


I am looking for report in specific time period, from Wednesday until second Wednesday, total 10 working days. In pages I setup in specific time range what I would like to see, but still is showing 4 week report. Can you please advise? Thanks!

and this is in selected date range:

Hi @Jovanka_Jovicic ,
Your current formula is referencing [Time].[Month] and thus it is returning you a full month of the period.
If you wish to see weeks, then you need to switch to a weekly hierarchy and create a new calculated member in it, but keep in mind that the week will start based on your settings for “First day of the week” for the Time dimension in import options; you can change your account for the week to start on Wednesday.

 '19 April 2023', '03 May 2023')

Another solution is to explore a custom 2-week hierarchy, where you can define the start period. Again, the first weekday is taken from the import options - Time dimension

Gerda // support@eazybi.com

Thank you Gerda, I will try this. One more question, if I change start of the week, will that impact on all my other report or just this one? Thank you!


Hi @Jovanka_Jovicic,
This will impact all your reports in the eazyBI account where you change the start of the week day.