Specific time that issues take between one state and another

Hello community, I am in a problem when I want to generate an indicator.

Generate a formula that shows me all the issues that have been completed in a month (this happens when one filters the month in the page section)

The formula is the following:

[Transition Status].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Total Cycle Time’,
sum([Transition Status].[Done],[Measures].[Transitions to issues count])

Giving a practical example, if I filter by the month of January (of this year) the measure shows me 19 issues that are in the Done state, now comes my problem: I want to obtain a measure that gives me the specific time that they took those issues from all their states (Backlog, Analysis, Development, QA, Done), in order to obtain the cycle time.

My problem is that I want this measure to be applicable regardless of the time in which I filter, that is, if I filter in February and it throws me 7 issues, I will obtain the time that those 7 issues took in the states that I commented on previously.

I hope this function exists and you can help me to obtain it.
Thank you so much


Try creating new calculated measure to return the days issue spent in all historical statues before it reached the “Total Cycle Time” status.

[Measures].[Issue status] = "Total Cycle Time" --check current status for issues
[Measures].[Transitions to status issues count],
[Transition Status].[Done]
)>0 --checks if issue went to Done status
[Measures].[Days in transition Status],
[Transition Status].Defaultmember
) --returns the total time issue spent in all historical statuses

When selecting this calculated measure in the report, please enableNonempty” cross join for report rows to speed up the calculation.

Martins / eazyBI support