Spent Hours roll-up report

I am new to eazybi and have spent many hours going through the community forum, before reaching out for help. I am not sure if I need to create a custom field, or it can be handled through MDX. Possibly both? I am at a total loss at this point on how to proceed.

Our Jira structure is as follow:

We need to create a report where the hours spent on Sub-Task, Tasks and Bugs are reported up to the Story level, then multiple stories are reported up to the Epic level, and each level above the until all hours are totaled up to the Sub-Project level.

Hi @demiller

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It seems you would benefit from building a custom hierarchy in Issue dimension: then all measures used together with this hierarchy are automatically summed up throughout the hierarchical tree.

There are several ways how to achieve a new hierarchy:

  • If your Jira structure is built using Advanced Roadmaps, then the hierarchy will be built during Advanced Roadmap data import (importing Parent Link field): Advanced Roadmaps custom fields

  • If this structure in Jira is built using issue links, then you may want to import those links and define a hierarchy based on them. Follow the guide in our documentation on how to do that: Additional Issue hierarchies

If you struggle with building a custom hierarchy, feel free to contact support@eazybi.com and describe where you are stuck.

Ilze, Customer Support

Thank you so much. This gives me a good start.


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