Sprint End Dates under Time Dimension in Rows

I want to show all the end dates of my sprints in Rows. I am trying to create a new measure under Time Dimension using Aggregrate but nothing is working. I am not getting a list of all Sprint End Dates.
Can you please help me to achieve this? At this moment, I have to select the dates manually under my Time Dimension.


Please check this sample report on our demo account:

It has calculated measures and then report is filtered by a one of them (“Sprint start dates” matches true) to show only dates from “Time” dimension that correspond to the sprint start dates.
There are couple more measures that also depends on the sprint start date

You could try this approach by copying and modifying formulas to sprint end date.

Martins / eazyBI support

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when i import this demo report, its adding new calculated members that are titled similar to out of the box measures but are using them in some new way? for example what is the difference between “Sprint Story Points Added” and the new “Added Points in Sprint Cycle?”

Hi @jtalarico

Thank you for this question.
It appears that there was a small mistake in our definition for the “Added Points in Sprint Cycle” calculated measure which we just fixed in our sample report on the demo account.

Please reimport the sample report again to get the latest definiton for the calculated measure “Added Points in Sprint Cycle”.
The main difference between “Sprint Story Points Added” and “Add Points in Sprint cycle” is in edge cases.
This sample report would show story points added since the first day of particular sprint also for issues in all parallel sprints.
However, the default measure “Sprint story points added” would add only story points added to this particular sprint.

I hope it answers your question.
Martins / eazyBI support