Sprint Page Filter Uses Issue Sprints Need to Use Issue Sprint (no S)

Built the report below and generally works as needed. Only challenge is the page filter on Sprint uses Issues Sprints field which includes anytime an item was ever in a sprint. I need it to use Issue Sprint (no S) which only has the last sprint the item was in.

How do I do this?


Report Background:
This reports shows item types of Regression Failure and their child items types of either Dev Task or QA Task. It calculates the resolution time for the Regression Failure item (Issue Resolution Date less Issue Creation Date) and uses the child Dev Task(s) and QA Task(s) to get total hours for each (Dev and QA).

Any issue could be part of several sprints. Therefore we show all related issues fir any sprint selection.

Sprint scope measures and time tracking measures for sprint shows values for each sprint as they were when the issue was in a particular sprint. You can use other measures like issues created to show only issues for the current/last sprint only. Measure Issues created will count any issue where the property Issue sprint match a particular page selection by default.

Add measure Issues created to the report. Click on the header of this measure and select the option Filter rows. Use option > 0. Once the filter is added to the rows, you can remove the measure Issues created from the report. The filter will remain.

Daina / support@eazybi.com

@daina.tupule That solved my challenge. Thank you. here is the resulting report:

Ultimately this led to a eazyBI dashboard used by > 10 teams.

This dashboard has saved each team at least 2 hours per sprint. THANK YOU!!!