Sprint Planned vs Actual

I want to show the number of issues planned in the sprint vs. actual completed.
For issues planned I created a calculated field.
If the sprint is closed or active, Sprint Issues Committed is used.
How do I show the number of issues belonging to future sprints? I tried Issues Created but it is not giving the correct number.

CASE [Sprint].CurrentMember.get(‘Status’)
WHEN “Closed” THEN [Measures].[Sprint issues committed]
WHEN “Active” THEN [Measures].[Sprint issues committed]
ELSE [Measures].[Issues created]

Hi @Howell ,

The measure “Issues created” should return the correct number for future Sprints. How did you determine that it isn’t correct in your particular situation?

Roberts // support@eazybi.com

Hi Roberts,

You are right! After rechecking the data the figures are coming out correctly.


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