Sprint Story Points Committed/Completed not matching Jira due to EazyBI filtering issuetypes

I’m doing a comparison for my company, EazyBI vs Excel to see if we could transition all of our Excel reports to EazyBI. I noticed that when comparing Sprint Story Points Completed and Committed, EazyBI is not accounting for certain issuestypes, i.e. Bug. I am not using any filters only the out of the box calculated measure “Sprint Story Points Committed” and “Sprint Story Points Completed”. Why does that measure filter out issuetypes? or I’m I doing something wrong?


for measures “Sprint Story Points Committed” and “Sprint Story Points Completed”, all issue types are taken into account equally. Could it be that bugs do not contain any story points and, hence, are excluded from the calculations?
Then consider using measures “Sprint Issues Committed” and “Sprint Issues Completed” instead to include those issues in the report.

If this is not your case, please, contact support@eazybi.com so we could closer discuss your case and look on data.

Ilze, support@eazybi.com