Sprint Story Points Committed keeps un defining itself from a report?

I am using Sprint Story Points Committed on a report and after a bit of time it keeps breaking and giving me this message when I log into the report. I add it back as a user defined measure and it works for a while, then breaks again.

Hi @Aeroflow ,
Please check if you have selected “Sprint” dimension in the eazyBI data import options: https://docs.eazybi.com/eazybi/data-import/data-from-jira/jira-software-custom-fields#JiraSoftwarecustomfields-JiraSoftwarecustomfieldsimport

If your have selected the “Sprint” dimension and the error still apears, please send us eazyBI log files (https://docs.eazybi.com/eazybi/set-up-and-administer/atlassian-server-and-data-center/troubleshooting#Troubleshooting-eazyBIlogfiles).

You can send them via email or upload them in our contact form https://eazybi.com/contact.

Gerda // support@eazybi.com

@gerda.grantina Hi there! It is checked, and has been since we set up the account, so no changes there. I am working through figuring out how to get those logs, my views are not matching those screen shots from the support doc.
Will keep working on figuring that out and will send it over ASAP! Thanks for your help!

Hi @gerda.grantina, I am not able to access the log files. We are on JIRA cloud so I am not sure we have access to the log files. Is there something else we can provide to get some help here?
Thank you

Hi @Aeroflow ,
Please write directly to eazyBI support (support@eazybi.com), and we will take a look at the Cloud environment log files.
When you contact us, please share your Jira site name, eazyBI account and report name, so it is quicker for us to identify the problematic account.