Sprint Story points completed not appear in report


I have a problem and is that I have a report that shows the commited story points and the completed story points of a sprint. Both measures are provided by eazyBI by default but while the SP commited is being detected by eazyBI, the SP completed is not. (The blue line is SP Commited)

Here I show you the workflow of the issues. As you can see we consider something completed (Done Category) from the Ready to UAT status in advance.
After finishing a sprint and having all the issues in this state or more advanced in eazyBY only the SP commited are shown.

Could the problem be that the issues dont have the RESOLUTION field enabled? Or the measure Sprint Story Points Completed only evaluates the category of the status in which it is.

Actually we dont use the field RESOLUTION.

Thanks in advance and best regards

Hi @JPerez ,

Measure Sprint Story points completed sums up story points from completed issues at sprint completion moment. Issue story points are treated as completed if the issue was in one of the status categories Done statuses at sprint completion moment.

Check issue changelogs for what was the status of completed issues at the closing moment of the sprint. The measure can be empty in case the sprint was closed first and then the status was changed.

Another option is to check Sprint Story Points at closing with Transition status to see in which statuses the issues were when the sprint was closed.

If further investigation is needed, write us an email with more details!

Gerda // support@eazyBI.com

Hi @gerda.grantina

Thank you very much for your answer but it is still failing me. I have been able to see the following pattern of behavior which has left me a bit puzzled.

If I go into an eazyBI report to measure story points committed vs story points completed from the project B2B_FR-IT-DE I see the following. I see like none of the sprint has story points completed.

Then if I do a manual import and look at it again it does detect the story points that have been completed.

It is strange because we have configured the imports automatically every 20 minutes but I only see the story points completed if I do the import manually.

Can you think what could be happening?

Thanks in advance

Hi @JPerez,
This shouldn’t be typical behavior.
It could be that there were some problems with the import previously and due to them, the import has stopped. Now the manual import restarted it and all the data have been successfully imported.

But if the same issue repeats, please send us eazyBI log files for further investigation (Troubleshooting).
You can send them via email or upload them in our contact form eazyBI.

Gerda // support@eazyBi.com