Sprint Velocity Chart not matching Sprint Report in Jira


Hello, we created a Sprint Velocity Chart in eazyBI which does not match what is showing in our Jira report. The discrepancy appears to be an issue that was closed during the specified sprint, but has since been reopened. Does eazyBI provide the ability to display a snapshot of a point in time (such as the Jira Sprint Report) or will all data always be live/most recent?

Is it possible to connect to Jira’s out of the box board reports (Velocity Charts, Sprint Report, etc)? The data represented in the Jira reports are static and relevant to a snapshot in time. For example, an issue that was In Progress during the sprint shows as such in all Jira reports. But when we look at eazyBI now, we only see the current status of the issue and can’t see what the status was at the end of the sprint by viewing a sprint report or drilling down into a Velocity Chart in eazyBI.

We are currently on Jira 7.4.6 and eazyBI 4.5.4

Thank you in advance!



I paste here the same we discussed in the support email.

In the velocity chart, there is used a measure “Sprint Story points completed” counting story points from issues having been in any of done statuses at the moment when the sprint was completed. So, if the issue later was reopened (i.e. after the sprint was completed), story points still should be counted as completed for this sprint.

eazyBI reports are created exceptionally based on data, imported from Jira database to eazyBI database. During data import, all data are reorganized in a multidimensional data cube for reporting needs, see a short introduction video.
Hence, in eazyBI, we can not use Jira reports directly, as there are different data models behind Jira and eazyBI.
In eazyBI, we provide agile top measure calculations based on the agile methodology (or how we understand it), but they could slightly differ from calculated in Jira reports, as this is the object of interpretation and changes and we do not have access to the algorithms how reports are created/calculated in Jira side. In our documentation, you may find more on how each measure is calculated in eazyBI: https://docs.eazybi.com/display/EAZYBIJIRA/Jira+Software+custom+fields

Still, eazyBI measures could be modified depending on your understanding of Agile metrics. For instance, if you consider Story points as completed only if issues were in status “Closed” at the sprint closing moment, you may want to create a new measure similar to “Sprint story points completed” (name it “Sprint story points closed”) with the following calculation where status “Closed” is used instead of the status category “Done”:

  [Measures].[Sprint Story Points at closing],
  [Transition Status].[Closed]

This calculation will count only story points from sprint issues that were in status “Close” at sprint closing moment. Use it in the velocity chart instead of “Sprint story points completed” measure.

Ilze / support@eazybi.com