SQL Import - Old values

we have the problem that when loading data from an SQL Server into a Cube, we see still old values that no longer exist in the filter options (Pages) in the reports.

In this example we see old values for the fields “ORGE Code” and “CS_Projekt”

Even if we load the data into a new cube (using the same field names) we still see the old values.

Is there a way to remove these old values from all cubes?
Thanks for any assistance

Hi @AntonBDR,

​The non-actual members in the dimension members list in report pages might come in several ways.
​1) historical dimension members that were relevant previously and remained as possible selections
​2) dimension members list saved within the report definition

You might check the first option by inspecting the page selection list in a new report. If you see non-actual dimension members there - they are present in the data cube. The solution is to empty the data cube and reimport data. If these members are present in a new report after these steps - they are referred to in some changelogs, and therefore they are still considered relevant.

​However, if you have emptied the data cube and re-imported and only see these old values in the old reports but not in a new one, the most probable cause is the member lists saved within report definitions.
In that case, you might follow these steps:
​1) Open the report in editing mode
2) expand the relevant dimension box on pages

depending on current selection - use 3a or 3b

​3a) switch over to "All hierarchy level members"​ and select individual member level
​3b) switch over to “Select individual members” and select “All …” member

​4) re-apply the selection that was present before step 2
​5) save the report

​This should reset the member list for the specific dimension within the report pages.

​However, if these steps still do not help, please send the definition of the affected report(s) to support e-mail with more details about the steps taken and problems remaining.

​Oskars / support@eazyBI.com