Standard Metric bugy?

Hi together,

I have a problem creating a report based on (in my opinion) standard metrics.
EazyBI does not display the timeline chronologically.
The quarters that can be selected are completely mixed up (regarding the months)

with the result, if I now want to select the month June 2023, this is not at the end of the timeline, but in the middle.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @JKay79 ,

The selection list can get confusing when selecting and expanding several level members and/or calculated members.

To overcome this, I recommend selecting the “Month” level in the Time dimension and selecting the desired members.

Alternatively, you can define a calculated member in the Time dimension to aggregate the desired Time dimension level members. Please expand and see the Time dimension for some examples, e.g., “Last 12 months” and on the eazyBI documentation page - Calculated members in Time dimension.

Roberts //

Unfortunately I still get the months mixed up as they are already mixed up in the selection list.

I selected the "Month"level in the Time dimension already…
How can I define that in Q2 2023 just the months Apri, May and June are shown? There is something wrong in EazyBI in my opinion…

Hi @JKay79,

In that case, please export and share the definition of the report to the eazyBI support email and reference this community post. See our documentation page on how to export the report definition - Export and import report definitions.

Roberts //