Start a dashboard with an expended view

I Have a Report with a graph that is working fine.
It has customers of epics in the rows and All Statuses of Epic on the columns
see PIC 1
the measure is Issue Created

I save the report in expended why (like PIC 1) so there is a column for each status and one for the All members
when I use this report in jira dashboard (as a single report gadget) it also looks fine as well.

when I add this report to an eazy bi dashboard
it always start collapsed like PIC 2
and this is actually a graph (see PIC4) so it is presented as in PIC 3 only totals

and I have to switch to table mode, expend manually and return to graph mode
and I have some reports like this

how can I make it start expended in the dashboard?
So I get PIC 4 on the start.






Hi @Avi_Bachar ,

When you save the report definition, the app remembers that the “All Active Epic Statuses” member was expanded.
This works fine when you use the report or embed it directly.

However, when you put the report in a dashboard and apply the common page filter, these saved settings are overwritten.
A new member - “All Active Epic Statuses” appears inherited from the dashboard, and the saved settings about expanding this member are gone.

You might reconsider if you need the common page filter for the Epic statuses dimension for the dashboard.

Oskars /